We believe that equal access to on-chain data, regardless of provider, is necessary to answer the most pressing questions for decentralized organizations.

We believe that empowering analysts, irrespective of financial or geographic circumstance, will unleash groundbreaking solutions and innovations for the entire blockchain ecosystem.

We believe that a new operating system connecting DAOs with analysts will fuel the Organized Power Usage needed to drive the next era of Web3 development.

The three-step Brainstorming, Analytics, and Review system provides a variety of ways for the community and Web3 organizations to generate engagement, education, content, and peer reviewed analytics about protocols or topics they care about. Each step can be activated on its own or together.

3 Components to Engage, Educate and Create Peer Reviewed Analytics

Community Brainstorming

Submit questions and/or upvote others’ so that the most relevant questions are prioritized, and spam is filtered out. No xMETRIC is required to participate in this component. Qualified submissions will earn 50 xMETRIC and $10 in partner tokens or stablecoins. Qualified upvotes will earn 5 xMETRIC.

Join a Community Brainstorm


In this component, questions are turned into actionable bounties for our community of analysts to solve by creating analytics, tools and/or content. Analytics are rewarded in partner tokens or stablecoins. Most bounties require no xMETRIC to solve.


Peer Review

Analytics, tools and content are peer reviewed by a dynamic network of top analysts in order to validate and score results. This component is gated for analysts who have earned 2,000 xMETRIC or more and demonstrated their crypto analytics proficiency.

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