As of November 1, 2023, Flipside Crypto no longer hosts the Metrics application for the Labor Markets protocol.

The code for the application and protocol are open source and may be utilized according to respective software licenses.

Flipside Crypto’s Community Analytics Rewards programs can be accessed on:  Flipside Earn

Metrics App GitHub  &  Repo  &  Docs

Labor Market Protocol Repo  &  Labor Market Protocol Docs

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Creating a fair and flexible analytics marketplace to remove barriers to on-chain participation and help Web3 organizations launch, grow, and succeed.

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To drive insights, data often needs to be analyzed through a series of complex and time-consuming processes. By partnering with MetricsDAO, organizations can tap the world’s best Web3 analyst community and streamline access to expert analytics work.

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Source professional dashboards and tools that answer critical questions or solve complex problems. Analytics challenges can originate directly from partner requests or community brainstorms.

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Partners fund time-bound challenges where analysts compete to answer questions or solve problems. Winners earn tokens from the partner reward pool while increasing their reputation score in the MetricsDAO ecosystem.