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Access the best community of Web3 analysts for on-demand analytics and tooling! Everything analysts create is peer reviewed to ensure quality and accuracy.

Why MetricsDAO?

Incubated by Flipside Crypto and other industry leaders, MetricsDAO provides a home for the most talented analysts to collaborate, compete, and grow, while offering the necessary frameworks to efficiently deliver high-quality insights to any project in the Web3 space.

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Analytics on Demand

Starts at $1,000

Access on-demand blockchain analytics from our community of experts.

For any organization or project in need of Web3 analytics.

Community Growth

Starts at $10,000

Onboard and grow a community of analysts to drive adoption, usage, and analytics for your project.

For any blockchain or protocol with curated data.

"The Uniswap Foundation empowers users through community-driven analytics and supports initiatives like MetricsDAO to create data-driven narratives and insights."

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